All You Need to Know If You've Been Injured: Videos That Answer Idaho Personal Injury Questions

Holzer Edwards video on injury law issues "All You Need to Know if You've Been Injured" Answers common questions people injured by others have about how the system works.

All You Need to Know If You've Been Injured is our Idaho Legal News Network video series that answers many of the regular questions people injured in Idaho auto accidents, truck collisions or otherwise ask us. We discuss personal injury law issues to help people understand and, if possible handle, their own situation.

Welcome to All You Need to Know

Learn about the six major types of Idaho auto insurance coverage and how much you should buy to protect yourself.

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Giving the insurance company representative a statement: Pitfalls and Preparing Yourself.

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Idaho law on who pays your medical bills after someone else hurts you can cause problems for injured people. This video discusses how to get your medical bills paid after an auto accident.

Get advice on how to choose a personal injury lawyer for your Idaho auto accident or other negligence case: What to look for and what to look out for.