Client Reviews

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"I am proud to say that my attorneys are Holzer Edwards."

Jeannie M., Boise, Idaho

"You were so very helpful. When I struggled with something, you were right on it. Your staff you made me feel special – like my case was the most important one. I appreciate that you took time with me and helped me understand each step of the process. From the first time I was there, I felt very welcome every time I came into the firm. Thank you for all your help."

Jan H., Weiser, Idaho

"Thank you for all your patience in dealing with our family's frustrations that followed our terrible loss. The way you stepped in and helped take care of our problems made a very difficult time much easier."

Gary R., Caldwell, Idaho

"When I came to you, I told you that I did not like the idea of suing someone – or being forced to testify before a jury. I did, however, think my bills should be paid. After discussing the process with you, I was happy to learn that only a few cases ever go to trial. Thank you for helping me resolve my case without going to trial."

Christina P., Boise, Idaho

"We didn't have any idea of the value of our cases. You were very good at explaining to each of us the way you assessed the value of our case. You were so thorough in explaining our losses. You then did an excellent job of teaching both of the insurance companies about all the damage the intoxicated driver caused. I was impressed in seeing the negotiations with the other attorneys. We simply could not have recovered without your help."

Irma S., Melba, Idaho

"The other driver's insurer was bullying me. I thought I couldn't afford an attorney to fight the insurance company. Thank you for taking my case and only expecting a fee when we won."

Tina S., Nampa, Idaho

"I thought my insurance company would be there to help me – but all I got was the runaround. You took over my problems and got immediate action and great results. Thank you for making my problems go away."

Margaret H., Boise, Idaho

"When the insurance adjuster made me an offer and said that was all they would ever pay. I nearly took it. Fortunately, a friend suggested I talk with you. You explained the process and went about proving that my abdominal surgery was a result of injuries sustained in the wreck. Thank you for advising me not to rush to a quick resolution of my claim. Without your knowledge, skill and help, I would have taken a fraction of what I really deserved."

Rhonda E., Boise, Idaho

"You showed a lot of patience in dealing with my frustrations when the insurance company was trying to underpay me."

Felicia L., Nampa, Idaho

"When the delivery truck driver's insurer would not immediately pay our claims, we were afraid we would not get any help. And the insurance company claimed that even though we didn't have a stop sign and their driver ran his, the wreck was partly our fault. Without your assistance, we don't think we could have recovered anything to help pay for the thousands and thousands of dollars in medical bills that resulted from the wreck. Thank you for all your ability, dedication and help."

Robert and Gertrude R., Mtn. Home, Idaho

"Very Good Team by Rod - After suffering a pickup trying to park in my back seat I found myself in the unfortunate position of talking to an adjuster who on several occasions told me that wreck wasn't so bad, it could have been a lot worse and after all we need to work together to keep the cost of insurance low. Realizing very quickly the disadvantage I put myself in even talking to this robber baron whose title was insurance adjuster I called a friend who referred me to Kurt Holzer. Kurt and his entire staff where very professional and systematic in collecting all the data related to my injuries. During our first interview Kurt was very matter of fact. I can't tell you how refreshing it was to talk to someone so knowledgeable and down to earth. I decided to hire this firm to take on the insurance adjuster on my behalf. The outcome was much better than I had hoped. Kurt good job, thank you!"


"This is a GREAT legal team....... by Katie - After a difficult encounter with an insurance company, I nervously picked up the phone and asked John Edwards for help. It was the best phone call I could have made regarding my legal case. He and his legal staff took over, allowing me to rest and heal after the accident. John and his staff kept me informed by phone and by mail. Holzer-Edwards did a great job, and were kind and concerned about me as a person, as well as looking out for my legal rights. I highly recommend this legal team. I would not hesitate to pick up the phone and call them if I ever had to deal with another legal issue. Thank You John and Team!!"


"Thanks for your help! by Scott V - I hired Holzer Edwards after being hit by a drunk driver. They were professional and it felt like they lifted a huge weight off of my shoulders. The lawyers did an outstanding job of negotiating with the drunk drivers insurance company. They got me the money I deserved! Thanks to John, Kurt, and their staff, my family and I were protected."

Scott V

"Smart and Hardworking by Dale - I did not understand how the insurance companies worked until I dealt with the car accident I had. The whole staff at the firm really went to bat for me and helped get a fair payment for my injuries."