Attorneys On The Side Of The People

Personal injury lawsuit attorneys Kurt Holzer and John Edwards of Holzer Edwards, Chartered, in Boise, are trial lawyers who help injured people — not insurance companies or other corporations. We help real people with real injuries: those harmed by others' negligence and wrongful conduct, and those shortchanged by insurance companies that engage in unfair claim practices. A specialized focus on injured clients helps us make a difference in people's lives

Personal Injury Claims Are What We Do

At Holzer Edwards, Chartered, our practice concentrates almost exclusively on personal injury claims. This has been a primary focus for the more than 50 years of our accomplished lawyers' combined experience. Accident injury lawyers need this type of experience to take care of you and your family the right way. There is no magic formula to tell you what your injury case is worth. That is, in part, because good lawyering increases the value of a Idaho personal injury claim.

While we are a trial law firm, we are rightfully proud of our track record of successfully resolving a high percentage of claims through negotiation or mediation. Fair pre-trial evaluation and resolution is less expensive and less stressful for our clients. But to get there you have to be ready to go to trial. We are also proud of our ability to handle complex and multi-party litigation. Our hard work and belief in your rights has achieved positive results during the more than 3,000 injury claims cases we have handled, including numerous million-dollar settlements and million-dollar verdicts for our clients.

More Than 50 Years Of Combined Experience On Your Side

Insurance companies and large corporations can afford to hire some of the best lawyers. They know that the outcome of a case can turn on the quality of the attorneys working on their side.

Mr. Holzer and Mr. Edwards bring effective powerful representation to the side of people. Holding insurance companies, corporations and professionals accountable for wrongful acts is what we do. We are a personal responsibility law firm. Our proven skills and reputation for results in auto accident, truck collision, personal injury, and wrongful death cases allow us to stand up to "mega" law firms hired to represent those seeking to escape accountability and personal responsibility.

Holzer Edwards, Chartered, is committed to justice for all, not just wealthy corporations. We believe in the civil justice system, the wisdom of judges and juries, and the right of trial by jury. We know that zealous, intelligent, well-prepared representation serves our clients and the greater community in Boise and across the state.

Thorough Case Preparation = Full Value For Your Claim

Some law firms operate on high volume. Clients are herded in like cattle to market, inadequately compensated and hurried out.

Anyone can settle a case for less than its fair value. Obtaining fair results requires real effort and keen client commitment. Trial lawyers must bring judgment, preparation, credible experts, well-developed trial techniques, a complete understanding of applicable law and knowledge of medicine, economics and insurance to each case.

Holzer Edwards, Chartered, is totally committed to every case we accept. We prepare each case with the goal of obtaining full and fair compensation — not just a quick settlement. You deserve far more for what you've lost -- sacrifices such as lost income, medical expenses, motor vehicle replacement, and incalculable pain and suffering.

When a loved one suffers a traumatic brain injury or catastrophic spinal cord injury in a car accident or truck accident, in Boise or anywhere in the state, you should contact Idaho's injury lawyers for resourceful, responsive representation that gets results. For a free consultation with the Ada County personal injury attorneys of Holzer Edwards, Chartered, call toll free: 888-490-0992. Se habla español.