Holding Truckers And Truck Companies Accountable

18-wheeler (semi-trucks or tractor-trailer) accidents kill and maim people. We have seen semi-truck wrecks in Boise result in all sorts of severe injuries up to and including paralysis and fatalities. If you or your family members have been involved in one of these horrific accidents, you need a legal champion. Only a top Idaho trucking injury attorney will do. You need to work with the Boise, Idaho, truck accident lawyers at Holzer Edwards, Chartered.

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Kurt Holzer and John Edwards understand what you and your family are going through. They are trucking collision lawyers who have the knowledge and skill necessary to get you the compensation you deserve. They understand how to recover evidence and determine the cause(s) of truck accidents. They have more than 50 years of combined experience and a reputation for aggressively pursuing compensation from all negligent parties that contributed to your accident-related injuries.

Holzer Edwards brings to bear a team of experienced Idaho truck accident lawyers. We provide you skilled, compassionate and quality counsel. If necessary we will invest heavily in your case to make sure you are fairly compensated. Among the many things we provide clients are:

  • Expert legal advice and guidance regarding your truck accident claim, and if necessary, trucking lawsuit
  • A detailed and comprehensive investigation of your Idaho accident
  • Compensation that helps you rebuild your life
  • Communication about your claim and life that is regular and responsive
  • Legal representation dedicated to you both in and out of court
  • Representation on a no fee until you win contingency fee basis

Tractor-Trailer Crash Cases Are Not Just Big Auto Wrecks

Truck cases are different than auto accident cases. For example, when multiple negligent parties are involved, insurance coverage can become very complicated. After decades of experience handling truck accidents, our attorneys will make sure that every avenue of compensation is exhausted.

Another way they are different is in dealing with driving history. Ordinary people like to know about the driving history (speeding tickets, prior wrecks etc.) of the other driver in a car crash case. It is a quite understandable desire. However, in car-crash cases that history is irrelevant because it will never be shared with the jury.

This is because under Idaho law (and that of other states as well) the issues in a car crash case are limited to 1) was the driver negligent; 2) did the negligence cause damages and, if so, 3) what is the amount of damages. The law says that how a driver acted on some other day at some other time does not provide a legal basis for finding the driver was negligent in your case. Thus, the jury isn't told about the prior driving history because it is legally irrelevant to whether the bad guy was negligent that day, and whether that day's negligence caused damages or the amount of damages.

In trucking and commercial crash cases the law is different for one very basic reason: the vehicle is usually owned or operated on behalf of a trucking company or corporation. The trucker is at work, and in the course of employment, when he causes the collision.

This means there is a direct claim against the corporation for what is called negligent entrustment. An employer can have direct responsibility for an injury if it improperly hired and/or retained a dangerous driver. Basically the allegation is the company knew or should have known that it wasn't safe to allow the driver to operate their truck, but did it anyway. In such a case, the driver's bad driving history is directly relevant to the issue of the company's negligence.

This makes the hiring and employment process relevant so it can be determined if the driver was a danger. Many issues are important and must be explored in the lawsuit. Did the driver tell the truth about his prior record on the application? What did the company do to verify his statements? Did he notify the employer of accidents or traffic violations during the employment? Did the employer check his record? When? How often?

A negligent entrustment claim allows the injured person to have the jury judge the actions of the company. This can make a substantial difference in the outcome of your case. In a case where the driver tries to escape responsibility, the individual incident can be evaluated in light of the dangerous history and the jury can see the larger pattern of the driver's conduct.

This is not a winning issue in every case, or even in most cases. But it needs to be evaluated in every trucking and commercial vehicle case. A lawyer who does not do this type of work just won't know to include the negligent entrustment claim or do the work necessary to evaluate and prove it. And, in the cases where it matters, it can be the difference between a fair recovery and losing.

Semi-Truck Accidents: Understanding Responsibility

There are many factors that play into trucking collisions in Boise Idaho and around the country. The size and weight of tractor-trailers particularly when combined with excessive speed may lead to a truck to rollover. Or could lead to the 18-wheeler colliding with another truck, a passenger vehicle, roadside objects, or even pedestrians and cyclists. Responsibility to provide compensation for your injuries and the ability to recover compensation in a commercial trucking case depends on what caused the wreck. One of the specialties we have as Idaho truck accident attorneys is determining who the law holds liable -legally responsible--for your injuries.

Among the causes we have seen are those attributable to a negligent truck driver, a negligent trucking company but also others involved in commercial trucking industry like brokers.

Particularly with drivers and companies there are certain things we see with some frequency that lead to big rig collisions and wrecks like:

  • Driver fatigue due to long hours
  • Speeding due to strict imposition of delivery deadlines
  • Distracted Driving (phones, or other in-cab distractions)
  • Jackknifing due to poor driving, bad braking or careless turns
  • Highway hypnosis (i.e. zoning out)
  • Substance abuse (even prescription medication can cause problems)
  • Improper or incomplete inspections and maintenance
  • Improper loads or loading

And there can be problems with equipment that can lead to product liability truck claims against the truck manufacturer for design or manufacturing defects and incomplete or improper repair.

The whole situation of what occurred has to be evaluated. For example. the government may be liable for improper road design, maintenance, construction or failure to meet proper warning standards.

Determining Liability For the Trucking Accident That Hurt You

As experienced, competent truck accident lawyers we have a comprehensive and sophisticated understanding of the factors that establish responsibility in truck accident cases. At Holzer Edwards we know how to build a compelling, evidence-based case in your favor. For example, among the things we evaluate in establishing liability are:

  • Controlling Federal and State Regulations:
  • Other State and federal traffic and trucking laws that are relevant to your situation
  • Applicable corporate standards
  • The legal safety responsibilities of the truck driver
  • Whether the breach of any road safety responsibilities is what caused your injuries
  • Governmental and private agencies co-responsibility for an injury accident

To evaluate these factors we have to do certain investigative work. We collect and compile the relevant evidence as part of our investigation. The relevant evidence can be thing such as:

  • Black Box Data
  • Photographs
  • Witness statements
  • Online data from social media
  • Accident and police reports
  • Medical expert opinions
  • Collision Reconstruction Reports
  • Truck maintenance records
  • Truck driver time logs
  • Violations of trucking laws
  • Driving and safety history

Legal Help To Recover Truck Accident Damages

We aim to address all of your legal needs after you or your family member has been involved in a truck accident and suffered severe injuries, including:

  • Broken bones and contusions
  • Burn injuries
  • Crush injuries
  • Traumatic brain injuries and other head injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries leading to partial or full paralysis
  • Other catastrophic injuries
  • Soft tissue injuries

We can also file wrongful death actions on behalf of the families of people tragically killed in semi-truck accidents. Our Treasure Valley personal injury lawyers can:

  • Coordinate payment of your medical bills and guide you through your treatment
  • Coordinate insurance benefits, as well as workers' compensation benefits if you were working at the time of the accident
  • Identify all negligent parties that may have caused your accident or contributed to the extent of your injuries
  • Pursue the maximum compensation available

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