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Wrongful death cases are among the most emotional and difficult matters we handle. They are difficult for victim's families and often involve serious high impact accidents. At Holzer Edwards, Chartered, in Boise, Idaho, we understand that handling these cases takes special diligence and compassion. You cannot overstate how important and serious these situations are. Our goal is to help. Legally, these claims have many of the same components of a personal injury claim. Who is liable? How did the accident occur?

Wrongful death claims, however, also have factors unique to fatal injuries and accidents. There is a question of whose claim is it — the spouse's, the children's or another relative's? And how do you value a claim in which a wage earner or young child is lost? Putting the best wrongful death attorney in Idaho in your corner can help you answer all of these questions and more. We can handle the legal issues so you can move forward with your life, your family you're your emotional healing.

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When a family member is lost, many factors impact the financial compensation due to his or her spouse and children or other relatives. What is the full economic value of lost income? What was the deceased's work history? Did the claimants rely on the deceased for income? And what is the emotional and economic toll when a parent or child passes away? How do the courts and juries measure the loss of love and companionship.

What Compensation Does Idaho Law Allow For Wrongful Death?

The compensation (or damages) Idaho injury law provides in a wrongful death lawsuit is not the same as the damages that can be recovered in other personal injury cases. The loss being evaluated and for which compensation is provided in a wrongful death case is the loss of the relationship and the financial support experienced by the survivors.

In a personal injury case for example, the injured person can recover for "pain and suffering." Those damages experienced by the person killed are not part of the wrongful death claim. And the grief or sorrow endured by family members caused by the death is not a part of the damage claim in an Idaho wrongful death case either

Idaho Law provides there are four parts of the recoverable damages in a wrongful death claim. The items jury may consider are:

  1. The reasonable cost of the decedent's funeral.
  2. The reasonable value of necessary medical care and expenses incurred prior to the decedent's death.
  3. The reasonable value to the plaintiff of the loss of the decedent's services training comfort conjugal relationship and society and the present cash value of any such loss that is reasonably certain to occur in the future, taking into consideration the life expectancy of the plaintiff, the decedent's age and normal life expectancy, habits, disposition and any other circumstances shown by the evidence.
  4. The plaintiff's loss of financial support from the decedent, and the present cash value of financial support the decedent would have provided to the plaintiff in the future, but for the decedent's death, taking into account the plaintiff's life expectancy, the decedent's age and normal life expectancy, the decedent's earning capacity, habits, disposition and any other circumstances shown by the evidence.

Making sure that proper proof of the real losses is presented to ensure that the appropriate legal compensation is made available is one of the many things Idaho wrongful death lawyers at Holzer Edwards will accomplish for you.

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