Weatherly v. Cruz, MASSV Music Festival 2012, MASSV Holdings LLC, City of Ketchum, Werry and Casino Inc., Fifth District, Blaine County CV-2014-346 (2016). Off-duty police officer suffered life changing injuries when a drunken concert goer fell off a building an onto his head at a live music performance. The injuries were so severe the client could never return to work as an active law enforcement officer. In a complex multi-faceted case, the firm was able reach a resolution that allowed the long-time officer, army veteran and his family to get a fresh start on life.

Hernandez v. Giltner Trucking LLC and Weaver, Fifth District, Twin Falls County CV-14-4313 (2016). In the early morning hours as commercial milk truck driver ran a stop sign in rural Twin Falls County. He hit a passing pickup and killed the wife and mother of 8. Her two sons in the truck also suffered significant injuries in the wreck. The case was dismissed for defendants' payment of $1,992,500.

Chadwick v. Jomax Construction Co. Inc., and Frost, District Court, Burleigh County North Dakota 4:13-cv-145 (2015). Defendant's HazMat fueling truck illegally pulled out onto the highway causing a high speed collision with the semi-truck driven by Mr. Chadwick. Our client, who was getting his life back by recommitting to his LDS faith after multiple brushes with the law and substance abuse, suffered severe injuries to his hips, legs and head. After many months of rehabilitative care, our client passed as a result of the after-effects of his injuries. The defendants paid $1,250,000 in damages to his wife and children.

Sackett v. Corn, Third District, Canyon County (2015). Accomplished young musician was injured when a driver failed to yield exiting a parking lot. The adverse insurers were made to pay $330,237 after our client suffered injury to her dominant wrist and hand requiring surgery and suffering permanent decreased use in that hand/wrist.

Myers v. Garshelis, Lambert Construction, Fourth District, Ada County CVOC-1318617 (2014). Driver chose to run from police instead of allowing himself to be pulled over. In his effort to escape he lost control of his truck killing himself and causing a spinal cord injury to the passenger. The case resolved for payment of the policy limits of $3,000,000 for the benefit of the passenger and establishment of a Special Needs Trust.

Ratliff v. Shanholtz, Enterprise Rent-a-car, et. al., Fourth District, Ada County CVOC 1403508 (2014). Driver in course and scope of employment made an illegal left turn across three traffic lanes resulting in a relatively high speed impact. The crash caused severe chest and neck injuries resulting in a 2-level fusion surgery and extensive rehab with permanent loss of function for this self-employed business owner. Case resolved with Defendants paying $430,000.

Dragt v. Franks and TK Transportation, Fifth District, Twin Falls County CV-12-3521 (2014). Stopped in traffic, waiting for the car ahead of him to turn from the highway, our client suffered hip, back and leg injuries when rear-ended by a tractor trailer negligently driven by Franks. Defendants were required to pay $967,000 for injuries inflicted to Mr. Dragt.

Howard v. United States, Federal District Court Idaho 1:12CV00101-REB (2013). Struck by a postal delivery truck, Mr. Howard suffered an reinjury to his back requiring a fusion surgery. However, he had long had prior complaints and a number of complex surgeries. Ultimately, the case resolved for payment of $250,000 in a judicial settlement conference with a local magistrate Judes.

Reitan v. Selective Insurance, Fourth District, Ada County CVOC-1314015 (2013). Accomplished triathlete on his bicycle was struck by a dry cleaners delivery truck that turned left and directly into him. The Idaho damages cap applied and limited plaintiffs recovery and our client received 100% of the damages allowed by law under the circumstances.

Patranabish v. Walter, Ada County (2012). Plaintiff suffered a wrist fracture that requires plates and screws when the other driver fell asleep at the wheel and caused a head on collision with plaintiff's stopped car. The case resolved for $300,000.

Phillips v. Erhart, 151 Idaho 100, 254 P.3d 1 (2011) , Fourth District, Ada County. An unwitnessed fall down a stairway left plaintiff with a mild Traumatic Brain Injury. Plaintiff had no memory of the fall or what caused it. Holzer Edwards obtained a total jury award of $1,664,374.00 (economic damages- $546,174.00, non-economic damages-$562,000.00, and loss of consortium damages- $556,200.00).

Olson v. JB Sports Bar and Grill , Fourth District, Ada County. A multiple death liquor liability case tried to verdict in 1999. The case involved the wrongful death of an elderly couple and resulted in a $2.9 million dollar verdict against the defendant bikini bar and the defendant drunk driver. This is, by far, the largest dram shop verdict in Idaho history.

Gonzalez v. Thacker, 148 Idaho 879, 231 P.3d 524 (2009) , Docket No. 34534 (Id. Sup. Ct. 2009). Holzer Edwards obtained a ruling from the Idaho Supreme Court on Idaho Code section 12-120(4) that rejected the conclusions of an earlier Idaho Supreme Court case interpreting the statute in a way that unfairly protected insurance companies. The case reversed the District Court Judge's ruling.

Parsons v. Mutual of Enumclaw. Ins. Co. , 143 Idaho 743, 152 P.3d 614 (2007). Kurt obtained a ruling from the Idaho Supreme Court confirming that in cases against insurance companies for failure to timely pay benefits to their insureds, it is appropriate for the district court to award attorneys fees based on a contingent fee contract. The case affirmed the District Court Judge's ruling.

Thomas v. Strickland, Third District, Gem County (2004). The firm recovered $275,000 for a client who suffered a broken hip and concussion following a collision with a semi-truck pulling a flatbed trailer. In the pre-dawn hours of the morning, the truck pulled from a stop sign onto a highway without yielding the right-of-way to Thomas. The trailer, struck at highway speed, did not have legally required lighting which contributed to the wreck.

In re Phillips, WCB Case No. TP-96004, (Oregon 1998). Kurt served as counsel for the plaintiff in a dispute with the worker's compensation surety over a $7,767,344.00 verdict that the plaintiff had received in Phillips v. USA, 89-CV-1133-S-HLR (D. Idaho).

Busa v. Salmon Air, Fourth District Boise County Case No. CV-01-00067. Kurt helped plaintiffs recover for injuries incurred during the crash landing of a small commuter airplane operating under part 135 of the Code of Federal regulations.

Weyhrich v. Lance, Civ. No. 98-0117-S-BLW, (D. Idaho Oct. 12, 1999). This was a constitutional challenge to an Idaho statute that precluded certain medical procedures. Kurt was a member of the team that successfully challenged the statute's application.

Torres v. Gordon Trucking, 95-cv-00460-S-MHW (D. Idaho 1997). Kurt served on the trial team that recovered 1.6 million in compensatory damages for the parents of an 18 year-old boy killed by the driver of the trucking company. The jury also awarded a quarter million dollars in punitive damages because of the companies extreme deviation from reasonable safety standards